Dear Members of RANA-NJ,

On behalf of the incoming members of the executive committee, I would like to thank the RANA-NJ membership for appointing us for the next 2 years. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to serve the RANA-NJ community and we are honored to do so.

On a personal note, I am very proud to follow the footsteps of my Father, Jitendra Bahadur Singh. Perhaps my tenure will be a personal tribute to him and his passion for RANA.

RANA-NJ has a very strong foundation and we look forward to further building our organization by growing our membership and having gatherings that will foster camaraderie.

Some of our plans are as follows:

• Update and organize the RANA-NJ database. We now have a Word document and we will validate the data.
• Deploy our website It will have features such as a calendar of events, storage/retrieval of membership data, communication among members and much more.
• Engaging the youth by having more youth events and launching of the RANA-NJ Youth Ambassador program.
• Maximizing participation of our membership. We have already announced dates of our key gatherings. This will allow our members to block dates accordingly.
• Networking/mentoring for our youth with RANA-NJ members that will enable internships, job and business opportunities. We have many members of RANA-NJ that have influence within their profession and can provide such opportunities.
• When the time comes we will provide a seamless transition to the next executive committee.

Moving forward, a key area of focus must be our youth. After all, the spirit of the founders of our wonderful association was to pass on to our youth the rich tradition and culture Rajputs share.

You have appointed a very strong team and we are enjoying working together. In order for us to be successful, it is imperative that we have strong participation by our members and we know that we can count on you for that.
Rajiv (Manu) Singh
President; RANA-NJ

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