The Dharma Conference and “Monkey See, Monkey Do Paradigm”


Congratulations to Parth Parihar and the facilitators of the Dharma Conference. It was a display of pure spiritual provocation. I sincerely appreciate RANA members that participated in this priceless, historic and memorable event. I will communicate with the Hindu Students Council and see what RANA can do to perpetuate this wonderful event.
So proud to see RANA listed:
I have attached a few pictures from the Dharma Conference. They can also be seen on the Facebook group.

Long time RANA Members Devendraji and Rachitaji are the proud parents of Parth. They are the creators of Hindi USA and have touched the lives of thousands of Americans of Indian origin. Ironically they had a booth that was located across from ours. We had a wonderful exchange regarding how children become high achievers. I find spirituality to be a common denominator among high achievers. Our youth are a reflection of our Karma. After all, “Monkey see, Monkey do”. If we do not emphasize the importance of our religion, culture and heritage, our children will never embrace the same. It is absolutely imperative for all of us to participate in activities associated with Dharma.
Our booth had a sign “RANA”. Many people mistook this for the Rajasthaan Association of North America. Other then printed material, we didnt have anything that displayed the word “Rajput”. So it was hard for delegates of the Conference to see we represented the Rajput Association of North America. I mentioned this to RajShekhar. Before I could complete the sentence, he was on the internet ordering a sign from Staples. Rajshekhar is an outstanding Cultural Secretary. We are very fortunate to have him in RANA and on the NJ EC.
My sister, Sadhna Didi was so mesmerized by the conference and Rajiv Melhotra, she is seriously contemplating supporting Mr. Malhotra’s activities. I purchased a book that every Hindu should read, particularly Rajputs. “Breaking India”; GET IT NOW. It is available on Amazon. I look forward to supporting Rajiv Malhotra in the future and will be participating in a meeting to do so within the next few weeks.
Next to our booth was Lead India 2020 . This is an organization associated with Abdul Kalam. The President of the organization requested to have the contact information for the President of RANA. We let him know that the RANA President would be available later and we would make the introduction. After some time, the introduction was made. I will elaborate further……
We had the privilege of having a long discussion with Prakashsinh Uncleji. He shared with us his vision and his ideas to assist others. He often referred to the Karma of his Father. Uncleji has done so much for others after seeing the Karma of his Father. Perhaps this is: “Monkey see, Monkey do.”

After meeting the President of Lead India, Uncleji humbly mentioned that he was sponsoring his Village school through Abdul Kalam’s organization Lead India 2020. He went on to mention how great Abdul Kalaam was.

We learned much from Prakashsinh Uncleji, paramount: Rajputs were made to help others. I am grateful for his eloquent explanation of “Kshatriya”. Someday I would like for him to speak about the word “Kshatriya” and the Karma of Kshatriya to our general body. If possible, I would like to meet the person that explained it to him. Interestingly Uncleji learned about the exact meaning of the word at the very first RANA convention from a Rajput Scholar speaker.
The NJ Chapter EC will be having a meeting with our families this Sunday. We will be discussing many important matters including an extremely exciting Diwaali event. We have an amazing EC that is highly functional. On a personal note, I thank the NJ EC for their contribution and being a pleasure to work with.
On a lighter note, for obvious reasons, the food was 100% vegetarian at the Dharma Conference. The medicine will be 3 meals per day of Mutun, Murga and Muchalli.

By the way, after seeing Prakashsinh Uncleji’s karma, this Monkey (me) is also contributing to Lead India 2020. I have sponsored the school of my Father’s Village, Dowtha. It is the school that my Father attended until the age of 10. Thank you Prakashsinh Uncleji.

Rajiv Singh (Manu)
President RANA NJ Chapter

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