Business Conference, Camping Trip, Picnic/Blood Drive, RANA Youth Ambassador Program and RANA 10th International Convention

So many exciting happenings in RANA. Finally getting a chance to report back to you:
RANA – NJ Camping Trip
Another amazing camping trip with over 100 campers. The weather was perfect (NO RAIN), the venue serene and one of the best parts of the trip……the bathrooms were clean! We hiked the picturesque gorge, fished the lake, hit the wine trail, grilled mutton chops on the campfire, drank frozen margaritas, enjoyed a cruise on Seneka lake, devoured smores and so much more. A special thanks to Hardev Bhai and all those that participated. Already looking forward to next year’s camping trip that is scheduled to be close to home. Pictures for the camping trip are on the RANA Facebook page and I will let you know when they are on the our chapter website.

RANA Inaugural Business Conference
The inaugural event was an absolute hit. Pradeep Sengar of the DC chapter did an absolute amazing job. We had delegates from India, California and most of the chapters across the country. It was wonderful to meet so many entrepreneurs, learn about different businesses and brainstorm interesting ideas. I came away with lots of “ahas” and new friends. Much much more then I expected. We had many delegates from our chapter. Shree was an MC, Roshni presented the RANA Youth Ambassador Program, Om presented his startup Fireflys and our Ambassadors raised over $1,000 for the Orphanage in India. Pictures are in the Gallery on our website

RANA – NJ Picnic/Blood Drive
RAJPUT BLOOD WANTED! Ananya Singh is the coordinator of our Blood Drive that will be at our picnic on August 13th. Free Dosa to all donors and their families. Free T Shirts to all the donors. Sign up soon for this wonderful community service opportunity. Ananya can be reached at

RANA – NJ Youth Ambassadors

Shree will be headed out today and others will follow next week. Their reports will be going out periodically. A sincere thanks to all those that donated. I am sure the Ambassadors will be recognizing donors in the near future. Donors should know that their generosity will go a long way in changing the lives of those that are not as fortunate.

RANA 10th International Convention

Mark those calendars for November 24th to 27th. Sadhna Singh of our chapter has accepted the role of Convener! Amazing speakers including renowned Scientists, community servants and entertainers will be attending the conference. I will be sending out more details regarding the conference soon. It will be an EPIC event.

Rajiv Singh
President NJ Chapter

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