RANA Camping Trip is almost here and …….

We are happy to announce that this year’s camping trip will be the biggest ever!  We have 27 families already paid and registered.  This does not include dozens of people that are expected to attend for day trips including RANA members that were part of the original campers group that havent been active in recent years.  We have families from 10 different states in the US and 1 family from Dubai.  This is turning into a mini-convention.  We very much appreciate the enthusiastic participation of those attending.  We have an action packed adventure planned.

Registration will only be available for another day or so.  If you have not done so, please do so as soon as possible since we need to finalize the camp site and final food arrangements need to be made.  You can register and pay by credit card at www.RANA-NJ.org  Also, please visit www.mountaincreekcamping.com/ for information regarding the campground.  We do have 1 more cabin left for “Glampers”.  Many families that are coming for day trips are staying in hotels.  Although most hotels are sold out, there is some availability at the Days Inn in South Carlisle.  Its inexpensive, $89 per day.

President Dilipsinh Rathod will kick off Untackchariy and Karaoke with a Kishore Kumar song.  No doubt, the video cameras will be out.
Sadhna Singh has promised to break a coconut, as the hope is for no rain.

We hope to see you!



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