Thank You RANA Members!

Jai Mataji,

First of all, Thanks to Rajiv Singh (Manuji), for all the kind words about our Rathod family, Maljina Pahadia.

We started Late Ramilaba Sabalsinh Rathod Rajput Kanya Education and Charitable Trust in memory of our sister Late Ramilaba.

So far we have been fortunate to allot close to 6 lakh rupees in scholarship awards due to generous donations from all the RANA folks, our family members, our relatives and surrounding Rajput community members. We have already started to see the results of this initiative and quite a few Rajput Girls has achieved higher technical education.

I like to take a moment on behalf of Rathod family to Thank following RANA folks who attended Scholarship award ceremony in Maljina Pahadia. It takes a lot to come to our small village, Maljina Pahadia coming from USA. It means a lot to us as a family. We as a family and our surrounding Rajput community appreciate your generous donations and your presence during the ceremony and provide inspiration to young Rajput girls.

Bapu Dhirajsinh Solanki
Bapu Yogendrasinh Solanki
Thakur Saab Rajiv Singh (Manuji)
Bapu Prakashsinh Chauhan and Kashmiraba
Bapu Kesharisinh Bhati
Bapu Rasiksinh Jadav
Bapu Sahdev Singh Thakur
Thakur Saab Raj Shekhar
Bapu Mahendrasinh Raol
Bapu Rajendrasinh Vaghela

We are also blessed by our Guru Swamiji, Pujya Muktadand Bapu. He gave us blessing and inspiration, with his blessing our brother Arjunsinh and his wife Kailashba has started Kailashdham Ashram. Our brother, Arjunsinh is a highly accomplished and decorated retired Dy Superintendent of Police. He was awarded Presidential award, in person, by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his home in Kailashdham.

As Manuji has mentioned, Ashram has more than 100 senior citizens who has nobody to support them. These seniors are living in Ashram who are provided with complete residential, nutritional and health care from the day they come in Ashram until the moment, they take last breath and beyond, so they rest in peace.

It is also very nice to know that Bapu Dhirajsinh took a leadership and brought RANA delegation to Rajput Business Conference, Ahmedabad. RANA as an organization is fortunate to have more than 22 RANA members attending the Rajput Business Conference in Ahmedabad. Rajput businesses are the future for future Rajput community growth. Last year I attended RANA business conference in Dallas. These kind of conferences provides lot of inspiration, guidance, networking and business opportunities. RANA has now taken a leadership on a Global level.

On behalf of Rathod Family and Maljina Pahadia Rajput community,

Jai Mataji to all

From Dolatsinh Rathod

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