4 Steps to Find and Hire Developers for Startup

how to find a programmer for your startup

Before conducting the interview, you will be sitting with a big pile of resumes, sourced from online and offline channels. And since you are developing a product from scratch, it is better to hire someone for regular work. You can also use these channels to promote your product and then attract talent with the postings. Also, due to the pandemic, the majority of conferences and events are happening online.

You’ll need a team of developers if you want to make quick progress as an early-stage startup. Even if you’re a talented programmer, you cannot get distracted from managing the business development as it would divert your attention from other areas of your business. The former conjures up a giant snake for most startup owners, while the latter sounds like a jewelry brand. For developers, they are part of the technologies used to build a mobile app. When you’re hiring developers for a startup, you need to have a pre-defined idea of how the recruits could add value to your startup. You must list your priorities carefully because a startup couldn’t afford the wrong hires, outsource or not.

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  • For instance, if you need a prototype, an app, or come across some problems that can’t be fixed with no-code solutions, that would be the right time to hire your first developer.
  • You don’t have to make a permanent hire, and if you form a good relationship with them, you will likely have a resource you can call upon in the future as needed.
  • To ensure better reception of your solution and hiring the perfect programmers for the startup, study your competition.

Because only if you have the right medium to enter the market can you choose the right person to develop that product. But, for writing this guide, how to find a programmer for your startup, we have listed down the most important, effective, and reputable frameworks they use. You need to understand the job description, profile, and requirements of your task beforehand. This is imperative to find a programmer and show them what they can expect by working with your startup. Because then you will know what to ask the developer for understanding his/her skillset. You cannot expect an android developer to build an extensive and native iOS application.

A source of inexhaustible talent

This will allow you to develop a bigger image of your solution and decide on the right team structure. Even before asking yourself “How to hire a programmer for a startup”, you must have a clear vision of your project. In-house recruiting is a business practice when a company opts for recruiting ideal specialists on their own.

Using Rust at a Startup: A Cautionary Tale – it.slashdot.org

Using Rust at a Startup: A Cautionary Tale.

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When hiring a dedicated team of developers to your startup, you get good teamwork, transparency, flexibility and fast results. The developers should be self-organized and capable of tackling issues independently. The candidates need to be proactive in making suggestions and reporting issues without being prompted. Now, if you already have an in-house team, you’ll want to go for the third option, the extended team. It’s more of filling the skill set  gaps by outsourcing to IT specialists. Your in-house team is in charge of coordinating the development, while the outsourced developer takes on the specific tasks.


Toptal offers a no-compromise solution to businesses undergoing rapid development and scale. Every engineer we’ve contracted through Toptal has quickly integrated into our team and held their work to the highest standard of quality while maintaining blazing development speed. Toptal’s developers and architects have been both very professional how to find a programmer for your startup and easy to work with. The solution they produced was fairly priced and top quality, reducing our time to launch. Since the ability to reach overseas developers is one of the greatest benefits of outstaffing, we strongly recommend contacting Ukrainian programmers. They are known for Silicon Valley expertise that goes at affordable rates.

If that’s the case, then go to every startup event in your area and start getting involved. The more you get to know the community, the more people you will meet and the potential of finding someone willing to come in and help you build it increase. This is quite normal – it’s how most 2-3 person teams startup. And don’t worry, even if you’ve been working on your idea for months and feel like you’ve created loads of value – it’s nothing until it’s been executed correctly into a working product. All you need is to contact our experts and tell us about your startup, its goals, and its objectives.

  • Futuristic ideas shaped by modern and original thinking have gained popularity in the field of computer science.
  • Here you can find specialists to work on your iOS, Android, or cross-platform solutions, as well as web applications built with modern technologies and approaches.
  • You don’t have to worry about whether he/she will fit into the company’s long-term plan.
  • But the main idea is that you need to understand as much as possible about your project to find a programmer who will match your requirements.
  • Your in-house team is in charge of coordinating the development, while the outsourced developer takes on the specific tasks.

This article will help you understand how the project’s cost is calculated, how the milestones are defined, etc. Futuristic ideas shaped by modern and original thinking have gained popularity in the field of computer science. And the most common epicenter of these innovations is startups.

Which option would be good for a startup?

We will study your requirements and suggest the most suitable hiring model and type of development that will allow you to enter the market as quickly as possible. These time constraints mean you can’t wait for a developer to leave their previous project. You have to hire those specialists that are available on the market right now. You can also tap into external hackathons for hiring coders for your startup. Hackathons can allow businesses to recruit only the best brains and leave out the unskilled ones.

Thus, the hourly rates of hiring an in-house team of programmers can range from $50 to $200 per hour. Another way to go – leaving the tech stack to the outsource team like Uptech team. Knowing your scope and platforms to cover, we can collect a team of programmers with the language knowledge and expertise you need. Yet, finding the programmers that would suit your project requirements with both hard and soft skills can be a real challenge. Finding programmers who will be great coders is not that hard.

The solution we present is hiring a CTO or Chief Technology Officer. Likewise, a punctual individual shows commitment, ultimately leading to completing the job with precision, fewer errors, and on time. Soft skills include the overall personality and presentation of the individuals. For conducting the interview, both offline and online ways will work superbly.

The best options to hire developers for new business

The company has 15+ years of experience in digital transformation and software innovation, most notably open-source cloud-native programs. You save here by not having to buy expensive office equipment or pay for extra office space for extended personnel. Full-time remote hires receive the same benefits as in-house employees, but it’s still considerably less expensive than having a person in the office. You will find that individuals/teams in other countries can be considerably cheaper than local ones. You’ll only be paying for the hours you need rather than for full-time personnel, so you are already saving a lot of money.

We’ll advise you on the best solution and estimate the project. If you are looking for long-term cooperation with a developer, https://traderoom.info/ you can hire them on staff. This is a rather rare case for startups, but sometimes such a decision makes sense.

How do I find hire developers for my startup?

  1. Define your hiring needs accurately.
  2. Establish if you want an in-house or outsourced developer.
  3. Decide on a budget.
  4. Create a Job Description.
  5. Source the right developers.
  6. Shortlist the right candidates.
  7. Set up the initial call.
  8. Set up interviews – HR & Technical.

Instead, you can promise great career opportunities when the startup scales up and develops. This approach may seem to lead to the opposite of “success.” However, lies will bring negative results when the candidate finds out about the actual situation. So, it’s better to spend some more time and find a person ready to contribute to your startup’s success. As for the weaknesses of this model, we wouldn’t say that it has some significant ones. However, a dedicated development approach is not the best fit for small and short-term projects with strictly defined requirements. However, if your task is going to last long enough and include requirements that may change, a dedicated team is an excellent option to hire developers for a startup.

You have to prove that you’re showing up with the skills that are going to make your startup a success and make someone excited about working with you. To that end, it’s definitely a faux pas to be stingy about what you’re offering someone to come onboard. Resist that proprietary possessive fallacy that your idea is yours. When you start collaborating with someone else, the idea gets bigger than just you. I have a business finding programmers for startups and small businesses, and if it was that easy I wouldn’t have any customers.

For instance, if you need a prototype, an app, or come across some problems that can’t be fixed with no-code solutions, that would be the right time to hire your first developer. If you’re a startup owner with no tech background, it helps to have a developer with you from the time you build your product roadmap. Of the many priorities, while allocating the budget, choosing an expert and high-quality developer should be one of them.

how to find a programmer for your startup

Even at the interview stage, it is important to understand whether the person shares your values and whether they will join your team seamlessly. Traditional methods of screening applicants are neither cost-effective nor efficient. By the time you go through the list, talented developers may have already gotten other offers. Modern HR tools allow you to screen and shortlist the right candidates proactively. Since all developers bring their unique skills to the table, researching for reliability and filtering them out based on your needs is the easy way to shortlist.

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Predefine a set of skills your ideal candidate should have to match with your project requirements. If you struggle with technical terms, one of the options is to co-found a business with a person who has a technical background. Search for a reliable partner through the word of mouth recommendations, or among the skilled trusted people around. This way you’ll have a great advantage while interviewing developers. Suppose you want to hire a developer for a startup, and you need a strictly defined range of skills.

How many programmers should a startup have?

If you have more specialized requirements or want to go faster, you will have to hire more people. On average, you can go with 4 to 9 people on your startup team.

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