2015 Report To General Body Of RANA NJ Chapter

RANA NJ Chapter Members, Future Members, Family and Friends,


It has been a delightful privilege to serve you this past year. As we look forward to serving you in 2016, please note the following by your NJ EC:

Hosted a very well attended Picnic event with Masala Dosa.

Supported The Dharma Conference and had a booth there.

Organized a youth volunteer initiative that prepared 400 meals for the benefit of the Trenton Soup Kitchen.

Sent Post Cards to over 1,000 Rajputs encouraging them to join RANA and or be more active in RANA.

Hosted the Diwali event at Arsha Vidya Gurukulum. RANA members contributed $1,500 in donations.

Created a Chapter website.

Created a Chapter facebook site.

Contributed to 3 charities.

Re Created an Electronic version of the RANA membership directory.

Added 3 new families to membership.

Hosting The New Year Dhamaka. This will be an annual fund raising event for RANA NJ Chapter. We supported the careers of 2 young Rajput professional comedians and photographer. Supported the Elks Non profit organization and raised 10K for the RYA program listed below.

Juniors hosted Ski Trip to Camelback; cancelled due to lack of snow.

Added 3 junior and youth members to executive committee as members at large.

Members of NJ EC were active in neighboring Chapter events such as Picnics of NY and DC Chapter.

Positively supported NEC and attended meetings as requested.

Ended the year with a slight increase in cash balance in checking account.

In 2016, in addition to the usual events, we will add a Navratri Dandiya Raas to be open to all including non Rajputs. This was suggested to us by past President Chandrikaji. We will try to recruit her to help spearhead the organization of this event. We hope to invite a famous Gujurati film star from India to MC/Sing this event.

We have launched the RANA NJ Chapter Rajput Youth Ambassador Program. Our youth will be doing community service projects in India starting this summer. More information to follow.

We have already started recruiting the next NJ EC so that there is continuity and the established positive momentum continues. Anand Singh and Jayshreeji have agreed to be a part of the upcoming team with full support of the existing Team.

We invite your comments and suggestions. Thank you so much for your support and participation.



Cultural Secretary: Raj Shekhar Singh
Treasurer: Jayshree Mahida
Fundraising Chair: Mukesh Parmar
Membership Chair: Jay Gohil
General Secretary: Raj Bimal Singh
Vice President: Chetan Puwar
Junior Member: Ambika Singh
Junior Member: Auyshree Mahida (Shree)
Youth Member: Ananya Singh
President: Rajiv Singh (Manu)

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