DHAMAKA and RANA Youth Ambassador Program (RYA)


We are happy to report that the RANA NJ organized New Year Celebration, the DHAMAKA was a huge success. It was the support of RANA members that made this event so special. Here is some data:

  • Not including support staff, total of 233 attendees.
  • Approximately 90 were RANA members.
  • 86 were not associated with RANA. They registered from our advertising on Facebook and sites such as Sulekha. We had over 8,000 unique visitors to our DHAMAKA (created by NJ EC) website.
  • 59 were friends of RANA members that were not Rajputs. We probably could have sold out the event with just friends and family of RANA members since we got an additional request of 100+ registrations after we were sold out 3 days prior to the start of the event.
  • From gate receipts we had income of approximately $13K and this covered our expenses.
  • We had $9,000 in additional sponsorship pledges. We have already received $6,500. We should hit our projected goal of $10K.
  • 100% of our guests had a positive or neutral experience. We made sure it was a classy party and everyone enjoyed. The PAID support staff included 6 babysitters, 2 Bartenders, 1 Dishwasher, 5 servers, 1 cook, 1 catering manager, 2 bouncers (including an off duty police officer) and 2 Photographers. The entertainers included a DJ, 2 Comedians and a Dhol player. This was a total of 24 people to make sure everyone was well taken care of. The # of 24 does not include the NJ EC volunteers.
  • We raised $326 for ASHA with a raffle.
  • Approximately 25 young adults were present and enjoyed the party very much.
  • We hope the DHAMAKA will be an annual fund raising event. The infrastructure and intellectual capital is in place.
  • The 10K we raised will serve as seed money for the RANA NJ Chapter Youth Ambassador Program (RYA). The NJ EC is in the process of finalizing the program. Here is a “draft” (subject to change) of the program:

    We are happy to announce the RANA – NJ Chapter Youth Ambassador Program. We will be sending 5 RANA youth to India for a community service project.

    The goals of the RYA program are:

    . Youth will learn the gift of giving.

    . A stronger value proposition to membership.

    . Benefit a worthy cause.

    . Youth will have future affinity for RANA-NJ, India and camaraderie for

    members of their team.

    . And much more.

    RANA NJ will pay for the airfare for each youth and grant a $1,000 scholarship for College Education. We will make arrangements for the travel, lodging and meals. Parents of the RYA will be responsible for any expenses in excess of $1,000. Each RYA will be required to do as follows:

    1. Fundraising individually and as a group. Goal is for each RYA to raise $1,000 to donate to (Name of Organization TBD). Mentors will be available to assist.

    2. Keep a journal of their activities and experiences.

    3. Jointly create a minimum of 10 minute or so video journal of the experience from beginning to end.

    3. By the end of August, submit their journals and a 500 word essay in digital format to RANA NJ.

    More details:

    A. The trip will be in July.

    B. Parents are welcome to join the fun.

    C. There will be RANA NJ chaperons.

    D. It will be a total of 3 weeks or so in duration.

    E. There will be a one week cultural trip through Rajasthaan.

    F. Priority will be given based upon age to those entering 12th grade in September 2016, then to those entering 11th grade and so on.

    G. Each participant will earn a college Scholarship of $1,000 and be commended as a “RANA NJ Scholar”.

    We will request other RANA chapters to have a similar program.

    Please note, the above is subject to change. If you are interested in sending your child, by January 21st, please send us your child’s name, age, name of school, and the grade they are currently in. Of course, you are not bound to send your child until details are finalized.

    RANA NJ Chapter Executive Committee

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